Family Law


The Law Office of Bryan Monaghan handles a variety of family law issues, including divorce, child custody and parenting time disputes, child support and spousal support (alimony). The Law Office of Bryan Monaghan recognizes that family law disputes can become nearly overwhelming to those involved and strives to provide legal representation that is compassionate as well as efficient.


In any family law issue, it is important to not only understand the law but also the process. The Law Office of Bryan Monaghan is experienced in family law matters and will aggressively represent your interests to obtain a fair and just result. Since most divorce cases are eventually concluded by voluntary settlement, it is very important to identify a client’s goals and then develop a strategy that will utilize the various family law processes (from friend of the court investigations to mediation) in order to maximize that client’s negotiation position. While it is sometimes said that there are “no winners” in family law disputes, the Law Office of Bryan Monaghan firmly believes that preparation and aggressive representation can greatly increase a client’s ability to achieve their goals.



Child Custody

Personal Protection Orders