Disability Insurance Denial


Many people have short or long term disability insurance coverage either through their employer or through a private carrier. These types of insurance policies are regulated under the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA). Disability insurance can be a very important part of an individual’s overall financial planning.


Insurance companies, however, often refuse to pay disability benefits, particularly long term disability benefits. Insurance companies will decline to pay based on the “fine print” of an insurance contract or the findings of a medical “expert” who often works exclusively for them. Moreover, these companies know that the deck is stacked against the disabled individual because before a lawsuit can be filed, that individual must generally first appeal the denial of benefits directly to the company itself, pursuant to their own “administrative appeal” process. This is a crucial step in the ERISA process, because that internal appeal process establishes the “record” that will control any later lawsuit. Insurance companies are relying on the reality that most people will handle this appeal themselves, and not contact an attorney until after it is time to file a lawsuit.


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