Child Custody


Child custody issues in a divorce generally involve questions of physical custody (which parent will have the primary custodial function), parenting time for the non-custodial parent, and child support. In some cases, these issues are resolved fairly quickly with little difficulty. However, in many instances, issues of child custody become hotly contested because they have such a significant impact on how the parties will restructure their family life after the divorce is final.  As a general rule, child custody determinations by the court are made according to the best interest of the child or children. There are a number of factors that can be important in determining what is best for the child, though, including the fitness of each party and their prior conduct or misconduct. If child custody may become a contested issue, it is critical to obtain knowledgeable legal counsel and to develop a proactive strategy. The Law Office of Bryan Monaghan has the experience and skill necessary to provide successful counsel in child custody disputes.  To speak to a qualified attorney today, please contact us.